Help get Rock Bottom to Spain

Hi! My name is Berneen AKA Rock Bottom.

I am relatively new to roller derby.

When I watched my first bout 9 months ago, all I could hear my brain saying was “ Put me in coach!” So, I bought a pair of skates and did what the coaches told me to do. Showed up consistently both for myself and the league, practised what they told me to practise, trained off skates with roller derby in mind and all of those actions resulted in fast tracking me into what any normal person would classify as an impossible dream ……. The Iron Meisies!!!!

Look I am under no illusion that I still have a long way to go but I am realistically at a place now, where if I were to be afforded the opportunity to implement what I’ve learnt thus far against players from other countries and experience levels, my own learning and experience would multiply ten fold.

At CTR we are a small league with limited resources. Our coaches dedicate numerous unpaid hours of their own time and knowledge to the leagues growth. Going to Spain would allow them and me to gain invaluable exposure to other techniques and styles which we could bring back to Cape Town and share with future roller derby players. In the skating community we live by two mottos “ By the skater, for the skater” and “each one, teach one”

A contribution however big or small would not only directly benefit me but the entire roller derby community and grow this inspirational sport for women in South Africa.

4 months to go
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Please note that 25% of your contribution goes towards Cape Town Rollergirls’ costs for the Iron Meisies to get to Spain (accommodation, transport, etc), as well as processing fees.

The rest of the donation goes directly to the skater, towards whatever they need to get them and their skates to Spain.

Thank you so much for your support!