Help get Pyro to Spain

Roller derby hasn’t only changed my life but enriched it. I joined the skate basics program in February 2023 as a distraction from my life. I was going through the worst time, having lost my youngest brother to heart failure, parting ways with important people and my cat dying, all within 6 months. 2022 was my year of loss. Roller derby has been my year of growth. I have healed from loss, made amazing life long friends and challenged myself physically, mentally and emotionally on the track. I never thought that a distraction could turn into an opportunity to travel to Spain. Spain is a dream come true for me! I have never been abroad and what better way to do it than with the best and strongest group of women. I hope to gain a lot of experience to boost my derby journey and return a stronger, more skilled player. Viva la derby!

Please consider donating towards me and the league to help make this dream a reality!


4 months to go
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Please note that 25% of your contribution goes towards Cape Town Rollergirls’ costs for the Iron Meisies to get to Spain (accommodation, transport, etc), as well as processing fees.

The rest of the donation goes directly to the skater, towards whatever they need to get them and their skates to Spain.

Thank you so much for your support!