Help get Beatchix Kiddo to Spain

When I signed up for skate basics in Feb 2023… I. Had. No. Idea. Roller Derby isn’t just a sport. It’s a second family. A community. We’re each other’s cheerleaders. Supporters. Teachers. We challenge each other. Hold each other accountable. We sweat, we bruise. We fall. We rise. We cry, we laugh – we fight. TOGETHER.

And now, we get to do it all in Spain this October, putting our league and SA on the map. YOH, YOH, YOH. Goosebumps!

Standing alongside the Iron Meisies—fierce, strong, inspiring, magnetic womxn who I have THE most insane love and respect for—is one of my life’s biggest achievements. I can’t begin to imagine how much this experience is going to help us grow. Individually, in derby and in life.

Moment of truth: I need min €100 per day to sustain myself in Madrid and Malaga. I’m saving my butt off, but as a rand-earner (IYKYK ), I’m counting on donations, big or small, to help secure my spot. Mad love and gratitude if you’re able to help. You’re legitimately my lifelong idol.

PS: If you can’t donate money, send ‘gees’!

4 months to go
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Please note that 25% of your contribution goes towards Cape Town Rollergirls’ costs for the Iron Meisies to get to Spain (accommodation, transport, etc), as well as processing fees.

The rest of the donation goes directly to the skater, towards whatever they need to get them and their skates to Spain.

Thank you so much for your support!